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It is a big problem for marketing experts not to have a coherent and comprehensive view of all the aspects that influence their marketing strategies. MARKETGO is the solution that integrates all the information in real time in a single tool.  This data is grouped by campaigns, products, client segments or other user-relevant classifications.

MarketGo provides real-time visibility of the results and benefits of the different actions, campaigns and channels being carried out


With MarketGo your company will benefit from a faster and more efficient way of managing your marketing strategies:

Organised, easy-to-read information

In a single repository you will have all the relevant information about campaigns, products, client segments or other criteria at the user’s choice. This will give you total visibility of the progress of your campaigns.


A customised solution. We know that the solutions that work are the ones that suit your business and not the other way around.

We measure effectiveness

Calculating results quickly and accurately allows us to assess our actions and define more effective strategies.

Ability to integrate

Every business is different. MARKETGO combines the most useful data from social networks, ERP, CRM and external sources.

Increase your efficiency

By integrating marketing and sales data, the progress of campaign results is detected early on in order to implement corrective actions.

Ability to predict

An advanced intelligence solution that through the application of sophisticated algorithms will help you define your strategy based on the expected results.

¿Who is MARKETGO for?

Any company that wishes to have control of the information collected by its marketing actions is able to use the tool.

MARKETGO can be used by all companies that have planned marketing strategies, regardless of their size.


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