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Business Intelligence Solutions

Our main objective is to create value for our customers, offering them all our experience and passion. Throughout our years of dedication and work with cutting-edge companies, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the main KPIs, which give us insight into the business and aid the decision-making process. We want to share all this with you in order to go farther together.


Our analysis process is based mainly on determining the following key points:

  • Decide where we want to go as a company and where we are going to position ourselves in the coming years, assessing both current and future information needs.
  • See what tools will help us to achieve our objectives and design a plan to implement them progressively as we obtain results in a short time frame.
  • Determine what type of infrastructure adapts best to the needs of your business, your installations, public cloud, private cloud, mixed system, etc.
  • Determine the main KPIs both in accordance with the sector and the objectives determined within the strategic business plan.


We will design a detailed implementation plan based on your company’s needs and your internal resources, analysing the following:

  • Areas where there will be a greater positive impact with less effort, creating a progressive infrastructure that will allow us obtain short-term results, thereby guaranteeing the success of the project.
  • Data access, in order to adapt the design to ensure the best data visualization in the different devices.
  • Data delivery design, verifying the following, among others:
    • The immediacy with which we need the data
    • Volume of data to be
    • Processed concurrent accesses
  • Establishment of calendars and team who will participate in the development of the project


The following will be carried out in accordance with GoLive’s methodology:

  • Joint management of the project with your team and control of all the necessary activities to implement it
  • Transfer of knowledge of everything implemented up to the point that you deem it convenient, such that, if you wish, you can be fully self-sufficient with your human resources
  • Progressive start-up in accordance with the agreed-upon priorities, whether by business area or department, adapting the project to the needs of your business and implementing it following the modeling-materialization-construction-design-delivery cycle


As a customer, you will receive comprehensive information about the entire system, implemented at the desired level, from technical personnel to end users.

You will have the freedom to determine aspects such as what part of the project will be implemented in-house or the level of learning of the different subject matter. You set the limit. Our training plan is comprehensive and capable of meeting all your needs.


Once the project has been implemented, you can optionally engage our support. You decide the support level you wish to engage. Our offering ranges from technical users who will internally continue to cover new needs as they appear, to the most basic needs of end users.

  • You decide where you want to receive the support: in situ, by email or by phone.
  • What kind of support you need: simply corrective or also preventive.
  • And when you want to receive it, since our system can offer you a 24x7 service.


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