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Web and mobility

At GoLive we understand digital channels as an extension of your business, which is why we offer you a comprehensive portfolio aimed at maximizing your return on investment. Our proposal focuses on the user. We propose the development of solutions based on users’ needs and align them with their business strategy using agile design techniques in which the user is the focal point.



Web channel


Business applications



We develop applications for mobile phones and tablets, with a user-oriented design, which add business value aligned with your company’s strategy.

Our work philosophy focuses on UX (user experience), which is the basis of what we consider to be the three pillars of development: the business, people and technology.

People-oriented design:
Understand users’ needs to define a clear interaction and meet their expectations.

Aligned with business needs:
Align business objectives with users’ needs, thereby improving communication and accomplishment of tasks.

Technological capabilities:

Take into account technological capabilities to create feasible digital solutions that take full advantage of their potential.

We use Native, iOS and Android and Hybrid mobile technologies, integrating them with any system that supports companies’ business operations. We develop an extension of the ERP in digital channels.

Web channel

We develop applications in the web channel, applying the same principles as in mobile development. We understand that the web channel is equivalent to the mobile channel, but with specific peculiarities when designing applications.

Business applications

We offer our customers business solutions in specific areas, such as existing applications that can be adapted to the needs of each business. The main advantage of these solutions is their quick deployment, as opposed to custom business applications.

The level of adaptation of these solutions also varies depending on the needs of each business.

We currently offer the following business solutions:

  • E-commerce solutions using both the web channel and the mobile channel
  • Online order management systems using mobile technologies, integrated with ERPs
  • Expense ticket control systems validated by the Spanish Tax Agency


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