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Sage XRT Treasury

Sage XRT is the most comprehensive solution in the market for cash problems. It encompasses all cash needs, from the most basic in relation to automation of communication with banks to the integration of dashboards to offer you the most comprehensive information solution in the market.

It is currently used by 1,200 companies in Spain and over 10,000 companies worldwide, being the most highly demanded solution in the market present in 55 countries.

SAGE XRT is characterized, among other things, in that it provides real-time visibility of your company’s liquidity, in addition to a medium- and long-term vision of your other financial resources.

Acquiring it


With Sage XRT your company can benefit from a much more effective manner of managing your financial resources:

1. Optimization of the productivity of resources dedicated to cash, reducing times thanks to the automation of tedious tasks such as downloading files.

2. More efficient administration of financial resources, having access to necessary and comprehensive information at all times.

3. Maximizing earnings and minimizing financial costs.

4. Control of banks. The program automatically verifies that the agreed-upon conditions are being fulfilled, automating the entire process up to claims, if necessary.

5. Make better financial decisions based on reliable liquidity, cash and risk management data.

6. Totally accessible from any place and at any time.

7. Integration with your ERP system.

8. International solution available worldwide for better growth management.

For who?

Any company, regardless of its size and sector, is a candidate for using SAGE XRT. Until recently, it was practically used exclusively by large companies. Today, with the different options for obtaining the product offered by SAGE, we can say that it is accessible to everyone.
Additionally, the advantage of being a modular product allows you to access all the functionality or that which is really critical to your business.

How can I acquire it?

Buy or rent? That’s a good question. SAGE’s reply in this regard is simple: whatever you need in accordance with your business objectives and consider most profitable.
There are two modalities:

  • On-premise modality, in which you purchase the licenses and the product is installed on your technological platform.
  • SaaS modality, in which you pay for the service on a monthly basis and do not have to worry about any type of support or acquisition of infrastructure, everything is included in the payment.


One of the major advantages of XRT is that you do not have to acquire the full suite, but rather acquire the modules as you need them.


Globally manage your company’s cash, foreseeing and controlling your liquidity in the short, medium and long term.


Secure, two-way, multi-format, multi-country and multi-channel communication between banks and your company.


Manage your financial instruments and investments with medium/long-term forecasts and custom reports.


Full automation of reconciliation of bank flows and your company’s cash.

Collections and Payments

Manage payment and collection orders to fully control your company’s cash flows.

More modules

Acquire the modules you need to address your cash needs.


Solution that allows you to control, manage and make decisions in relation to your cash in real time and with the following functionalities:

  • Cash position
  • Cash forecast in the short and medium term
  • Matching decision-making
  • Short-term financing and investment
  • Management of cash forecasts, banking conditions and interests
  • Transactions dashboard
  • Analysis of bank statements

For groups of companies, it also enables control of intra-group positions and balances, automated sweep management, centralization and balance matching, in addition to inter-company loans.

Banking communication

Sage XRT’s banking communication is the automated solution you need to exchange files with your financial service providers.

  • Automated exchange of bank data with your company and of your company’s data with the bank
  • Multi-format and multi-bank management
  • Transfer history
  • Electronic Signature with automated remittance of electronically signed files.
  • Direct recovery of any information system (payments, reconciliation, ERP, accounting program, etc.)
  • Encryption of saved files regardless of their transfer protocol.

Financial transactions

Sage XRT Financial Operations is a simple management tool designed to monitor your financial transactions and assess your organization’s financial risk.

  • Integration of commercial transactions (orders, invoices, etc.)
  • Integration of financial operations from other systems
  • Management of financial transactions in the short and medium/long term. SPOT loans, purchase/sale of certificates of deposit, discounts, promissory notes, securities portfolio, etc.
  • Management of currency transactions: cash, fixed-term, Swap, simple or barrier options, etc.
  • Management of interest rate transactions: Swap, FRA, etc.
  • Transactions with counterparties other than banks: intra-group loans, intra-group purchase/sale of foreign currency, brokerage transactions
  • Maturity table journals for each type of transaction
  • Calculation and performance assessment with inclusion of actual and provisional results (latent capital gains, result over active currency transactions, market-to-market, accrued interest, etc.)


A solution for accounting reconciliation of bank transactions which allows us to optimize the time dedicated to treatments thanks to the advanced task automation functions and monitoring tools.

  • Multi-currency, multi-bank, multi-entity and multi-account
  • Adjustment entry creation rules
  • Assistants for creating accounting structures and parameterization of import/export tasks
  • It has 14 reconciliation criteria by bank and type of transaction
  • Manual or automated integration of bank statements using the communication module
  • Verification of bank and accounting balances of accounting dates

Collections and payments

Sage XRT Collections and Payments allow you to manage payment and collection orders effectively in a completely secure environment. It offers the following functionalities:

  • A library composed of local and international formats (EDIFCAT, SWIFT, AFB, AEB, PS2, CLIEOP3, WIRE, CBI…)
  • Creation of transactions by direct entry or file integration
  • Payment management: domestic transfers, international transfers, commercial transfers, conveyances
  • Collection management: bills, receipts and advances on receivables
  • Management of batch transfers with creation of listed transfers by third-party group
  • Visualization of main data by transaction: transaction number, status, date, amount, currency, etc.
  • Analysis defined in accordance with the parties (entities, customers, suppliers,…), characteristics (date and amount intervals,…), transactions, etc.
  • Maturity table journals for each type of transaction

More functionality

Sage XRT supplements its functionality with additional modules such as:

  • Cash budget
  • Automated accounting
  • Electronic signature
  • Exchange risk
  • Swifnet
  • Proxy banking
  • Netting

These and other functionalities make it the most powerful Finance and Cash Management suite in the market.


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