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Management solutions

Process management is the fundamental basis of any company and the cornerstone of digital transformation.

Without efficient, integral and integrated management of your business processes, your company will not be prepared to address the challenges of the digital economy. At GoLive we have a clear vision of the role of management solutions at companies and extensive experience in giving support to your business needs in the most agile and comprehensive manner.



The best functionality

We want your company to have the most comprehensive and flexible functionality possible and the most effective support for your business model. We only offer our customers first-class products, leaders in their market categories, regardless of technology and manufacturers.

Our team’s extensive experience working with first-class manufacturers in a large number of companies and scenarios, allow us to obtain a clear vision of the wide range of problems faced by our customers and of market options in terms of capacity, solvency and support.

Our portfolio is limited to a select group of products and solutions of which we have in-depth technical and functional knowledge, in addition to complete trust in the manufacturer and its commitment to product evolution and support.

Integrated solutions

It is not always possible to concentrate all the functionality your company needs to be competitive in a single package. In this case, we must be very careful with the decisions made since, despite including major operating enhancements, we can increase the management complexity of our business.

Management systems do not have to be isolated compartments that function opaquely regardless of the number of solutions your company needs. They must be fully integrated and function in close synchronization to avoid duplicities, errors and unnecessary costs.

At GoLive we always opt for open-ended architecture solutions that are easy to integrate so that, for practical purposes, they all function as a single system, without need for manual work. Additionally, we provide your company with all the services you need to make that integration a reality.


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