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Database service

Databases are a crucial part of any self-respecting business application and the most critical element for ensuring good performance. Companies often experience poor performance and downtime in their business solutions due to not having paid sufficient attention to their database.



Infrastructure design

What DB systems are the most suitable for my business solutions? What hardware and communications do I need for them to work in a smooth and stable manner?
These are the key questions that will determine the functioning and operations of your company to a large extent.

The design of a DB infrastructure is a capital affair that requires very specific technical knowledge and especially considerable experience. The eventual problems and bottlenecks that may arise can only be envisaged by a genuine expert in this area.

At GoLive we have the experience and technical knowledge to design an infrastructure capable of meeting your organization’s needs in terms of performance, capacity and cost.


Most performance and downtime problems of your database can be avoided with adequate monitoring and preventive maintenance. In the medium and short term, this system substantially reduces both indirect and direct maintenance costs.

In case of disaster or critical system downtime, the services of a DBA who must act urgently are always expensive, due to the lack of specialists and the urgent nature of the service. Moreover, for many companies the cost of one hour of downtime of your ERP multiplies the cost of repairing the incident.

In order for your company to avoid having to worry about this type of incidents, GoLive offers you a combination of our advanced database monitoring software and our preventive maintenance services, which will keep your database running efficiently at all times and with significant cost savings.

DBA services

The database system not only requires maintenance, but also evolution. Tasks such as version changes, installation of patches and upgrades and expansion of the system are just one example of our DBA services.

For companies who do not engage our Monitoring and Maintenance services, we also offer standard DBA disaster recovery, support and tuning services.

Our extensive experience in a large number of customers and work environments guarantees that your company will receive the best possible service in the sphere of database management.


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