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Backup solutions

Disasters or accidents are improbable events triggered by causes that escape our control. When these events occur, they entail very negative consequences. Your system is very likely to suffer any of these events, however careful we are.

The same happens with companies. No company is exempt from suffering a disaster in their system and, when this occurs, all that matters is its recovery capacity.

For your peace of mind, GoLive offers you a wide range of possibilities in security copies adapted to your company’s needs to avoid threatening its viability.




Simple backup

Our Backup solutions allow you to recover the information lost at your company in the event of disaster or human failure, with a recovery time that ranges from minutes to hours.

Backups are usually performed on a daily basis, with a stack depth of several days or weeks, although this may be adjusted in accordance with your company’s specific needs.

We provide the solution that best adapts to your actual needs in accordance with the data volumes handled, recovery and stack depth in order to guarantee your operability in the event of any contingency.


At times, due to regulatory or business needs, you may have to store backup copies with a high stack depth, which may even span up to 15 or 20 years.

To meet these needs and based on the data volumes to be stored, we design and deliver an efficient system capable of addressing your company’s problems.

Disaster recovery

Disasters are events that entail the complete and irreversible destruction of all the infrastructure of your company’s systems.

Disaster recovery systems are based both on backups at external facilities or on the existence of separate infrastructures with data replication at the original source.

Based on your specific needs, GoLive helps you to design and maintain your recovery system properly tuned at all times in the event of disasters, to prevent any contingency from stopping your company’s operations.


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