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Every day, companies have more and more devices capable of generating and sending useful information for the business. The problem now is how to collect, integrate and exploit all that data stream.

IOTGO integrates all the relevant information from your devices relevant to your company in order to offer an in-depth view of your business processes. A truly advanced analysis solution. Because we believe that the solutions that work are the ones that suit your business and not the other way around.

IOTGO is the ideal platform for capturing and storing data from your sensors and devices, integrating them with company operational information. Thanks to its flexible design, it responds to complex scenarios and is highly adaptable to each business model

What is IOTGO?

IOTGO is a platform that collects, processes, integrates and analyses all the data sources of your company. It does this with information from internal devices to external sources, including proprietary and third-party business applications.

IOTGO combines the best of the latest intelligent analysis technologies: micro-services, big data, advanced analytics and IoT.

It is the ideal platform on which to build Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions to achieve intelligent, automatic, more dynamic and fluid processes.

In short, with IOTGO you will have an integrated view of all the relevant information for your company regardless of its origin, together with the most advanced intelligent analysis capabilities.


Full control

In-depth knowledge of the business, allowing you to foresee potential problems more dynamically. Control the course of your strategy and react more quickly.


Minimise your risks and get a faster ROI by eliminating entry barriers and uncertainties.

SaaS and Paas Solution

This mode allows you to use the platform as a cloud-based service or to deploy it on your on-premise infrastructure, based on your needs, guaranteeing maximum security and operability of your data at all times.

A tailor-made solution

Thanks to its architecture based on micro-services, it is possible to make each IOTGO deployment a solution almost tailor-made for each client.

Tailored to suit your needs

Deploy in record time a solution adapted to your needs, without components or functionalities that your company does not need.

Evolution of the analysis

IOTGO allows you a depth of analysis that far exceeds that of any traditional BI system, moving from a classic analysis based on KPI’s to a true knowledge of the business with all its components and interrelationships.


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