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Big Data

In recent decades, the amount of data generated and stored by companies has grown exponentially. The nature and origin of these data is not limited to traditional management areas: finance, inventories, sales, etc., but rather includes new areas such as online sales, geolocation and information from third-party systems such as providers, customers, administrators, public repositories and ISP APIs.

Architectures based on relational databases are incapable of managing all this complexity. This is where Big Data approaches come into play, since they allow us to extract value from large volumes of data from a large number of sources, with little or no previous relationship.

A unique approach

The difficult thing about Big Data is not the technology or mathematical models. It is the need to have an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the business, market, environment and ecosystem of the company to create a solution that will generate knowledge, differential advantages and new business models.

Your company is unique and this should also apply to your Big Data solution. To this end, an expert team of business analysts is required, capable of helping you to address the transition from a closed information management model to an authentic open approach.

Solid infrastructure

Big Data solutions depend heavily on information storage and processing capacity.
The number of technologies, manufacturers and solutions is overwhelming, in addition to the amount of possible architectures. You need the help of an expert capable of designing the solution your company needs in terms of cost, process capacity and scalability, with sufficient flexibility to meet your present and future needs.

GoLive offers you a team of experts with extensive experience in data infrastructure design, who have worked in multiple varied scenarios, both in terms of complexity and size, capable of designing the architecture your company needs.

Advanced analytics

Large data repositories offer much broader analysis possibilities than those of traditional BI solutions. They allow us to detect patterns and trends through sophisticated statistical and mathematical analyses.

Moreover, they must also be capable of placing the full potential of the information contained in your company’s data lake at business users’ disposal. The dataset must be structured and related, in order to combine it with the data sources handled by users.

At GoLive we believe that your company should not relinquish any of the advantages offered by Big Data and strive to obtain maximum return on your investment.

Dynamic visualization

At GoLive we understand that, in order to obtain maximum return on your investment in Big Data, it must be capable of offering benefits to the largest possible number of people in your organization. With the modern data visualization tools and power of Big Data, your analysis capacity improves substantially, enabling you to obtain answers and solutions that were previously beyond reach.

GoLive offers your company the necessary tools and training so that any member of your company with basic computer skills will be capable of performing agile and dynamic analyses and reports unassisted by IT personnel.

What does GoLive offer you?

Our Big Data services enhance data mining, based on its enrichment, analysis and display using agile, user-friendly tools.

We have a comprehensive team of professionals specializing in all areas of Big Data: data scientists, architects, integrators, developers and business analysts who can help you with projects such as brand awareness analysis, customer knowledge, dynamic pricing scenarios, predictive analysis, geomarketing, etc.

We accompany your company throughout the process, from conception to the maintenance and evolution of your solution, ensuring that you obtain maximum return on your investment at all times.


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