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Advanced analytics

Companies generate and interact with an increasingly large amount of data. Analysing and mining said data generates competitive advantages capable of differentiating your company through more innovative business strategies and models.

Continuous data analysis is the tool that will allow you to develop an ongoing improvement process based on the reality of your business, market and environment. This is the only way to detect underlying trends and preferences, underutilization of inefficient resources or management models.

GoLive provides you with the necessary tools and services for your company to optimally leverage the full potential of your data.



Descriptive analytics

Descriptive analytics is the basis of the measurement of the performance of the different areas of your company over time.

By adequately structuring the available information and using the best technology, you can explore and visualize the torrent of historical corporate data in order to better understand your company’s evolution and significant milestones.

At GoLive we will help you to build a proprietary analytics system that will take the best snapshots of your business in order to offer you a clear vision of the events and how they have been affected by the decisions made at operating and strategic level.

Predictive analytics

The objective of predictive analytics is to make realistic predictions aligned with the information contained in your historical data in order to adapt your strategy and use of resources. We seek answers to questions such as: How much will I sell for this product line? What products will interest this customer segment most?

In order to obtain results we use a wide range of techniques and technologies that encompass machine learning, semantic reasoning and different statistical techniques.

Once the models have been defined, we incorporate all this information to your data visualization software to offer you a better understanding and analysis of the scenarios generated.

Prescriptive analytics

Using similar, but more ambitious, approaches to those of predictive analytics, it offers effective and real support for decision-making, whether decisions made by persons or those that must be incorporated to your software’s business rule system.

Prescriptive analytics is an essential part of business rule management systems, which are crucial for companies facing dynamic markets and complex management scenarios.


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