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Mobility for JD Edwards

Integration of mobile devices and management solutions is a basic requirement to be competitive and gain a foothold in the market. Adopting this technology will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. Mobility solutions have revolutionized businesses, allowing them to increase their presence in markets with less resources and relocate their employees where they will generate the highest value.


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can be seamlessly integrated with devices and is task-oriented. To this end, it offers 200 applications for smartphones and tablets adapted to user roles, such as order and customer management, processing and approval of purchase orders, support, maintenance, etc., and has a user-friendly interface.

Tablet users also have an application that provides full access to all the functionality of the ERP, with navigation adapted to the features offered by iOS and Android.

Additionally, JD Edwards offers a development environment for totally specific mobile applications adapted to their needs and that work seamlessly with your ERP.


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne’s mobile applications have been designed with a clear orientation towards tasks and user roles. Using the most common elements of mobile applications. Their design offers a user experience adapted to the peculiarities of each task, which reduces data entry and query times in a user-friendly environment.

It allows us to ensure that each user role has access to the most important functionality for performing their functions in a clean and simple manner from any location, fully leveraging each device.


It allows us to work with the system from any location and device, even when an Internet connection is not available. Your company will be able to increase its presence in customers, suppliers and other spheres of action with less resources, on being able to relocate their employees where they will generate the highest value.

Data entry and query processes can be performed in a completely dynamic manner. It benefits all departments, not only those with greater mobility needs, such as commercial and sales. Work in plant and warehouses is also dynamised.

It increases the depth and quality of the information contained in its system thanks to the inclusion of photos, maps, contacts, etc.



The best support


Immediate response


More agile


Closer to the customer


Improve your logistics


Dynamic transactions

Commercial management

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne’s mobile sales applications enable sales executives to access the most important functions for their work at all times:

  • Querying of prices and stocks of articles for tablets and smartphones, with information on specific prices for a certain customer, stocks, batches, etc.
  • Querying of budgets and generation of orders for tablets and smartphones.
  • Querying of information on customer offers and generation of orders.
  • Revision of tablet and smartphone sales orders placed by customers. Users can review sales orders and add notes and comments.
  • Release of tablet and smartphone sales orders. They allow you to release blocked sales orders.
  • Introduction of tablet orders. They allow you to generate new sales orders from your tablet.



The functionality of JD Edwards’s apps allows team leaders to perform important supervisory work from any location:

  • Approval of outstanding payments for tablet and smartphone. Review of outstanding payments and associated information, in addition to approval.
  • Review of earnings received for tablets and smartphones. Review of payments received, in addition to acceptance and conversion to accounting entries.
  • Review of batch invoices issued for tablets and smartphones. Users can review issued invoices and approve their recognition.
  • Review of batch accounting entries for tablets and smartphones. Users can review the accounting entries of a batch and approve their recognition.
  • Travel expenses: Introduction and approval of sales expenses for sales executives and all types of employees.



Provides a large number of applications that simplify project management outside of the office:

  • Querying of project statuses for tablets and smartphones. Review of related, estimated and actual financial project information.
  • Introduction of work reports for tablets and smartphones. Introduction of review and remittance of project work reports.
  • Management of requests for changes in projects and contracts for tablets and smartphones. Visualization, review and approval of changes in project work and contracts.
  • Review of work statuses for tablets and smartphones. They allow you to release blocked sales orders.
  • Travel expenses: Introduction and approval of sales expenses for sales executives and all types of employees.

Customer service

JD Edwards’s customer service and claim management applications enables us to offer you quality service with absolute control of information and management, fully optimizing resources without undermining quality:

  • Service orders for tablets and smartphones. Review of service orders assigned to each technician. Description of the order, priority, images, dates, customer information and location.
  • Introduction of service reports for tablets and smartphones. Introduction of revision and remittance of service reports and querying of times used in the last week in chart format.
  • Service orders by team for tablets and smartphones. They allow team leaders to manage the service orders of the technicians assigned to them.
  • They allow technicians to review the technical features of customer units, in addition to their repair history and other relevant information.
  • They enable claim management for employees and team leaders.

Supply Chain Management

They enable the flow of goods and supplies throughout the company’s value chain. They allow employees to consult information and perform transactions from any location:

  • Stock queries for tablets. They allow users to find articles by warehouse, subsidiary and plant. With product warehouse details, father/son relationships, batches, locations and stocks by measurement unit.
  • Querying of project statuses for tablets and smartphones.
  • Stocks for tablets and smartphones.
  • Querying of stocks and locations by warehouse and plant.
  • Approval of purchase orders. They allow users to review, comment on, approve and reject purchase orders, in addition to accessing the details of each order.
  • Contact details of smartphone suppliers. Access to general information on suppliers and contact details.


JD Edwards’s mobile applications enable effective and comprehensive management of all the company’s maintenance operations:

  • Maintenance alerts based on equipment status. Users can comprehensively manage maintenance alerts.
  • Review of disconnected maintenance work orders.
  • Review of maintenance work orders with disconnected work option.
  • Management of equipment work orders. They allow maintenance supervisors to review and manage work orders associated with their team members.
  • Maintenance work reports. They allow maintenance employees to introduce work reports, in addition to reviewing work times in chart format.
  • Management of corporate equipment data for tablets and smartphones.
  • Equipment measurement readings.
  • Introduction of meter readings for equipment.


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework allows developers to create mobile applications simply and seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards. It offers functionality perfectly adapted to the needs of each company.

It enables batch development of applications that will subsequently run on both iOS and Android. The development environment is totally visual, facilitating the reusability of the code. This framework not only enables the creation of new applications, but also expansion of existing applications for JD Edwards.

Developers can modify existing applications by downloading mobile application files corresponding to each application.


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