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ISI integrated in JD Edwards

The implementation of the ISI by the Spanish Tax Agency represents a major management challenge for companies. On the one hand, the greater administrative burden and, on the other, the need to establish a digital communication system with the Spanish Tax Agency.

Luckily, if your company has JD Edwards you can convert this challenge into an advantage, expediting your tax procedures thanks to our solution, seamlessly integrated in your ERP. It is a solution that will save your company a lot of money on administrative procedures and expensive errors arising from manual work.

What is ISIGO?

It is a comprehensive solution integrated in JD Edwards that manages the entire VAT bookkeeping process, both internal and with respect to the Spanish Tax Agency. ISIGO automatically generates all the documents and information required by the Spanish Tax Agency based on the data contained in your ERP. Additionally, it has a communication system via Web Services which is in charge of managing the remittance of information and status of these requests.

The process is configurable in various points and also includes a console for following the communications that also allow you to make manual changes.


  • Daily reading of all VAT-related information, generating and completing the invoices and tables with all the additional information required by the Spanish Tax Agency.
  • A process of the communication system configurable by the company via Web Services with the Spanish Tax Agency.
  • A control console for learning the status of your communications with the Spanish Tax Agency, which includes the possibility of making manual changes.
  • The Golive team dedicated to this product guarantees that your company will have a solution adapted to tax requirements.

How can I install it in my company?

All you have to do is get in contact with us, by phone, filling out the form or sendin us an email, and VAT will no longer be a concern for your company.


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