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JD Edwards training

In the case of new implementations, it is obvious that a good training plan in all areas is one of the keys to the project’s success. Once launched, everyone is capable of handling the tool with precision, but companies change, trained persons leave and others are hired who do not know how to handle the software. These changes must be addressed in the course of our daily activity, which is when the situation deteriorates.

GoLive offers programs to help your teams to be more productive. It also offers different training modalities.



Ad hoc training

There are a large amount of factors that make it necessary to create a training plan within the company. This is observed when any of the following problems arise:

  • There are persons or departments which are not using the tool for all the processes for which it is designed
  • Even if the tool is used properly, other tools are used for certain tasks because we consider them easier to use
  • New employees have joined the department and there is no time to train them
  • We want to expand our knowledge of some functionalities that we know are included but we are not using

These are some of the factors that make it necessary to deliver ad hoc training. In such cases we will sit down with you and design the best plan for your business to capitalize on its investment.

New employees

When a new employee joins the company and occupies his/her position, how much time will elapse before he/she acquires a good working knowledge of the company’s tools?

Normal situations reveal that this period ranges from two to six months and that there are also functionalities that he/she will never use because his/her colleagues will not have shown him/her and, in order to resolve them, will start using tools that were replaced at the time of implementing the project. Consequently, low efficiency and cost to the company increases.

We propose changing this. A few, well-planned days will be enough for the new users, accompanied by our consultants, to fully leverage the tool, thereby being immediately profitable for the organization.

Current users

We can implement advanced user training plans to improve their skills following the specific manuals designed for your project or prepare them if not done at the time.

Tutorials for key users to fully leverage the new versions released by the manufacturer. Advanced courses on the platform to improve both user skills and process reconfiguration options. This will improve self-sufficiency, avoid the use of office tools and increase return on investment.


Technical training courses on both platform support and use of development tools for programmers. This will give your business total autonomy, although we will always continue to offer support at the desired level.

Specific training for technicians, even with the possibility of becoming integrated in our team during the first months. This will allow your technicians to observe different problems and their solutions first-hand, acquiring greater experience in the product at lower cost to you.


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