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JD Edwards support

After implementation, there are always questions to which we need a quick answer. GoLive offers you a support service that guarantees the proper functioning of your programs. We adapt to your needs and, although we offer different service modalities, we are always open to studying new possibilities to offer you the service you need.

Our contracts do not contain deadlines. You decide when and until when you want to enjoy our service.





Each customer is different, which is why we look for the system that best adapts to your company’s operations. These are some of our support service provision modalities:

  • Low budget: useful when implementing new products, developments or integrations with other applications or devices. Always with a closed price.
  • Prevention service: a modality whereby a service is engaged at a closed price which includes a series of points to be reviewed to prevent possible stoppages. It may also include special prices for services that are not included.
  • On-demand service: you sign an agreement for a certain number of annual support hours, whose price varies in accordance with the number. You consume the hours when you need them and for the services you need, which is when we bill them.

Quality and criteria

We will always offer you a maximum quality service, to which end we will take into account factors such as the criticality of your problem, which will in turn determine response time.

We establish three response levels that range from a maximum of 4 hours for critical incidents to 48 hours for minor incidents.

Additionally, our offering ranges from normal service from Monday to Friday during our office hours to 24×7 service.


In order to better manage the support service, all our customers have access to our Helpdesk tool. This tool allows us to centralize all the incidents and enables our support team to manage the service in a faster and more organized manner. Upon introducing the incident, with this service you can access and check the following, among other things:

  • That your incident has been assigned to a specific technician
  • The status of your incident
  • The documented solution
  • Knowledge base where you can consult both yours and other incidents in progress and that will allow you to obtain solutions in record time and without assistance from our technicians.



We currently provide support to installations from the US East Coast to Malaysia, giving all our customers who have carried out internationalization processes and which do not wish to have a contract in each country peace of mind.

Our global support has major advantages:

  • It works with a single contract, thereby expediting administrative bureaucracy.
  • • The persons who provide the support have expert knowledge of your installation and therefore will offer you a faster and more efficient response.
  • Our technicians and consultants speak English, at least, in addition to other languages. This allows us to guarantee the service at a global level.


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