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If the ERP fails, the company stops. In order to keep JD Edwards optimally tuned, nothing must be left to chance. Our technicians have over 15 years’ experience working with all its versions in the most critical scenarios.



Service coverage

Aware that it is crucial to keep your ERP optimally tuned at all times, we offer you JD Edwards CNC services, with different support hours and response times. You can even hire a 24×7 support service with minimum response times.

This flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs, together with the extensive experience of our team, make our JD Edwards support services unbeatable.


Making any change to your JD Edwards is a critical moment that can affect your company’s operations. Hence the importance of being assisted by the best specialists.

Quickly benefit from the enhanced functionality of the new versions without losing any changes.

Installations of Tools Release: Each new version of Tools offers major enhancements that reduce the workload of users and administrators.


With Oracle VM, your company can dramatically reduce its infrastructure costs without suffering a slowdown or greater instability in the application. To achieve this you need the collaboration of an expert who knows how to make it work.

Our CNC technicians know how to safely implement virtualization in order for your company to avoid surprises and users do not even notice that they are working in a virtualized system.


In order for your company’s ERP to always work at full capacity, GoLive has developed proprietary monitoring solutions which allow us to control not only all the information relative to the JD Edwards servers, but also issues such as database performance.

With our product your company can considerably reduce the monitoring and maintenance costs of your JD Edwards, always keeping your installation optimally tuned for the most demanding situations.


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