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Winery-sector ERP

JD Edwards is the benchmark ERP among medium-sized and large sector companies, and GoLive is the ideal partner for your company to make the most of this solution. Our extensive experience in the wineries sector with the most demanding customers is out best guarantee.


The wineries sector has several characteristics that make it different: agricultural and harvest management, aging, legal problems, etc. These issues are just a small sample of the problems that must be addressed by any company.

In order to ensure effective management a powerful, flexible system with important sector-specific functionality is required that will allow us to efficiently manage such specific problems as batch management, expiry dates and complex pricing policies.

JD Edwards is the standard solution that allows us to meet the needs of any company through parameterizations, without need for expensive developments that are difficult to maintain.


JD Edwards’s sector-specific functionality makes it the benchmark solution for cutting-edge companies. It allows us to comprehensively manage the entire cycle, from sowing and crop management to the delivery of the product to the consumer at the store/restaurant.

But JD Edwards is much more than that. Its technology is the most advanced, 100% web, and runs on a large number of platforms and databases. It has over 70 applications for mobile phones and tablets, oriented towards user roles that will help you to improve your company’s operability.

All this is made possible by a manufacturer such as Oracle, which is totally company focused and has a product offering range from hardware to management applications, in addition to databases, middleware, etc.


JD Edwards has a special Winery Management module that enables detailed field, harvest and winery management. It is fully developed by the manufacturer and seamlessly integrated with the other modules, such as: quality, finance, etc.

Moreover, JD Edwards offers powerful functionality and flexibility for logistics and manufacturing, enabling your company to create and support a unique business model that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition.

This is made possible by the more than 70 modules that comprise the solution which, thanks to their high level of parameterization, are capable of meeting the most demanding expectations.


Our team has had the privilege of working side by side with some of the most cutting-edge sector companies, which understand that technology and quality in management are key to a company’s success.

Working with such demanding customers has helped us to give our best and acquire in-depth knowledge of the sector and of the different needs of each customer, in addition to creatively leverage the available technology.

We place all our experience at your company’s service and look forward to growing and learning with our customers.


Accelerate solutions are preconfigured, sector-specific parameterization and development packets which allow us to significantly reduce analysis, implementation and project kick-off times.

They are developed by partners specializing in each sector and endorsed by Oracle, which supervise final product quality.

GoLive has an Accelerate certified for the Wineries sector.


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