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JD Edwards: sectors

Throughout our extensive experience we have worked with companies from nearly every sector. Our experience is concentrated mainly in the following sectors:

Sectors with outstanding experience


JD Edwards is the benchmark software for the food sector. GoLive has some of the best references in Spain.


JD Edwards has a unique functionality for this type of companies, such as native field and harvest management. GoLive also has cutting-edge customers in this sector.


In addition to the agricultural management modules, JD Edwards has additional modules such as winery and mixtures management.


Due to its versatility for managing the supply chain and functionality in the manufacturing area, JD Edwards is a benchmark in industrial companies.


Machine manufacturing requires specific, flexible functionality that only JD Edwards is capable of providing.

Raw materials

Golive has been working with cutting-edge sector companies for years and we are willing to place all our experience at your service.


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