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The definitive ERP

Its more than 40 years’ experience in management solutions and cutting-edge, flexible technology make JD Edwards the definitive solution for companies seeking to compete in a dynamic, global environment.

Its broad functionality, flexibility and integration capacity make it the infrastructure your company needs to develop a unique business model in the digital era.
JD Edwards is not just another ERP, it’s one of a kind.

Why is JD unique?

Comprehensive functionality

With over 70 available modules, the JD Edwards standard caters for the most complex operating scenarios. Its comprehensive finance, SCM and manufacturing functionality is unrivalled in the market.

Adaptable and integratable

Its flexibility and intelligent design offers you a solution perfectly adapted to your business requirements with a minimum need for development. Thanks to its design, JD Edwards is a solution that can be easily integrated with all types of applications and solutions.

100% web

JD Edwards has been a full web solution for over 15 years and is years ahead of other products in the market.

Mobility, IoT

With more than 80 perfectly integrated, native mobile applications and an integrated IoT solution, JD Edwards is the solution best prepared for your company to take advantage of the latest technology trends.

Global Solution

Integrate all your group companies by working against a single database, with locations for more than 34 countries and support for over 22 languages.


The latest JD Edwards versions allow companies to incrementally and selectively include the functionality they need, without need for expensive version change projects.

User experience

Aware of the importance of productivity, in recent years Oracle JD Edwards has specially focused on the user experience. As a result, each user can fully adapt the application to the specific needs of their role in the company without assistance from the IT department. In addition, it also includes reporting and automatic alert capabilities so you always have the information you need on hand to make the best decisions at any given time.


Thanks to its innovative two-tier architecture: technology and applications, JD Edwards has exceptional adaptation and operational capabilities. It runs on various operating systems and databases, offering your company the possibility of building the infrastructure you prefer. You also have native Iaas and Paas options.
Your service-oriented architecture allows you not only to easily integrate it with all types of applications, but also expedites its evolution, being the first ERP to fully integrate native IoT capabilities.


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