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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is reaching all types of companies and sectors, from the sale of services to agricultural companies, none can remain on the sidelines.

At GoLive we want to help your company to redefine a business model fully adapted to the new digital economy, in order to convert that digital transformation into a disruptive element that will allow your company to go even further. Our genuine interest to learn the reality of your business will allow us to offer you the best possible solution. We have in-depth knowledge of business processes, technologies and project management based on the following pillars.


Your company in the digital era


Fluidity for your business

To the rhythm of the times

Informed decisions

From its beginnings, GOLIVE has dedicated its efforts to helping companies to be competitive, adapting technology to the spirit of your business. This makes us ideal companions
to jointly address the challenge of digital transformation.

Business transformation

In order for your company to continue to grow without relinquishing its essence, GoLive places its consulting experience at your service in order to adapt your business model to the new digital reality. We focus on taking advantage of the unstoppable momentum of technology so your company can achieve its full potential.

We help you to reinforce the fundamentals of your business using cutting-edge techniques.
We understand our customer’s vision in order to transform it into an operating model adapted to current market circumstances.
We design a new operating model that seamlessly integrates digital technologies to develop your company’s full potential.

Pillars of digital transformation


People are the key to digital transformation. We must maximize their adaptation capacity.


Technology must support rather than limit the business model we want to develop.

Process integration

Processes are the basis of operation of any business. They enable large groups of people to collaborate towards a common goal. But they have a negative aspect: they require work and attention, which must be taken away from other issues. The main advantage of digital transformation is to make those processes much more manageable, reliable, simple and flexible.

Internal processes

Regardless of the complexity of your company’s ecosystem of applications, their constituent parts must be seamlessly integrated in order to ensure smooth operations. Achieving it is never an easy task, since it involves different technologies, location problems or even complex organizational structures.

Golive has an expert team of consultants, developers and technicians capable of defining and implementing an integration architecture that will guarantee the adequate flow of information to your company without need for any department to sacrifice the functionality it needs.

Third-party processes

No company is a closed system. Regulations and competitive pressure oblige us to collaborate and share information with customers, suppliers, authorities and even investors and shareholders.From indicating the availability of an article on our website to complex integrations with members of the value chain or automated filing of tax returns, each company is faced with a different scenario in which it needs to make its systems permeable to the environment in order to continue to be competitive.

Golive has extensive experience in all types of integrations, working with third-party solutions, custom developments and mixed solutions. Our multidisciplinary team is capable of finding the best solution for your company.

Mobility, web and cloud

The web and its related technologies, such as mobility and cloud solutions, are a great opportunity for companies seeking to take maximum advantage of their digital transformation process.

The omnipresent company

Applications for mobiles and tablets make it possible to simplify their use and orient them towards user roles that reduce their workload.

Cloud development also allows companies to enjoy very powerful functionalities without having to worry about all the complications associated with the design, maintenance and deployment of a dedicated infrastructure.

The web as culture

Regardless of the configuration of our solutions ecosystem architecture, web standards offer us a top layer with a front-end to access any functionality via a web-based environment.

Since our beginnings, at Golive we have always been committed to 100% web-based solutions, both when we implement third-party solutions and proprietary applications.


Data-oriented means using information as the basis for operations and decision-making at our company. It does not imply sacrificing intuition and instinct, but rather reinforcing them as comprehensively as possible so they can reach their full potential.

Total data capture

Digital transformation allows us to leave paper behind. To adopt a digital business model we must capture the maximum possible amount of information generated in digital format, storing it in structured repositories where there is clear data traceability. This culture reduces the workload by expediting all your company’s processes and their integration.

At Golive we are capable of generating a data capture model that generates a major stronghold of information, the basis on which to offer our customers added value.

Analytics and reporting

All business users need relevant, updated information in order to optimize their work. Once we have ensured that the information is not lost at our company, we must make it work for us, and the best way to do this is to offer it to each employee as they need it.

By combining cutting-edge data visualization techniques with the most sophisticated advanced analytical techniques, your company will obtain unprecedented agility levels and response capacity, in addition to a better understanding of your business and environment.


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