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Building ideas

Our philosophy


Companies generate and interact with increasingly large amounts of data. Analysing and leveraging said data generates competitive advantages capable of differentiating your company through more innovative business strategies and models. Continuous data analysis is the tool that will allow you to develop an ongoing improvement process based on the reality of your business, market and environment. Only in this way can you detect underlying trends and preferences, underutilization of resources or inefficient management models.

Golive le provee de las herramientas y servicios necesarios para que su empresa explote de forma óptima todo el potencial contenido en sus datos.

Our methodology

1.We listen

Companies generate and interact with an increasingly large amount of data. Analysing and leveraging this data generates competitive advantages capable of differentiating your company through more innovative business strategies and models.

2.We analyse

The basis of a good project is a good analysis. That’s why we spare no time or resources when considering a project, because each hour invested in analysis saves you project time and frustration.

3.We propose

Whenever we present a proposal or project we are not trying to tell our customers what to do, but rather reach a common understanding of what is best for your company.

4.We build

Our favourite moment: when the time comes to launch the project and convert all the analysis performed into reality. Because we love action and observing how all our previous work is materialized into something tangible.



Our history

A brief overview of our company’s history.


2008 | The beginnings

A team of professionals, members of the IT department of Oerlikon Soldadura and persons responsible for the implementation of Oracle JD Edwards at Air Liquide Welding at European level, create Golive.

Four colleagues join this initiative, all with a common objective: to provide a quality, friendly, responsible and proximal service different to that received to date in their collaborations with external consulting companies.

2009 | Recognition

Oracle recognizes the efforts of GoLive and rewards it for the development of its first Accelerate for Capital Goods companies. This leads to the development of Accelerate for other sectors.


2010 | Portfolio expansion

Golive decides to expand its product portfolio and includes Oracle Business Intelligence solutions with the aim of providing the best business intelligence solutions.

2011 | Territorial expansion

Golive decides to expand its physical presence in Madrid and sets up its office with the aim of bringing its services closer to its customers in central Spain.

2012 | In the premier league

Golive wins its first IBEX35. Its specialization, capacity and work methodology have allowed it to become a benchmark for major Oracle JD Edwards user companies.

2013 | Consolidation

Golive, as global service provider for Oracle JD Edwards, wins its customer number 50. It currently provides services to customers with subsidiaries in more than 40 countries where it has been rolled out, from the USA to Malaysia.

2014 | New solutions

Golive incorporates SAGE XRT to its product portfolio, thereby including the leading cash application in order to improve the service it provides to current and future customers.

2015 | A new era

Golive integrates Cloud applications and services with the aim of offering its customers cutting-edge technologies.

2016 | Leading digital transformation

Golive leads its customers’ digital transformation, developing a new Big Data and Advanced Analytics business unit and expanding the mobility solutions areas.


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